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      Following are some of the exciting players that you might see if you come and watch the  Starfish  play.  There just may be a picture of Head Coach  Fraga  doing his duties on the field.

      Frequent this Page often to catch a glimpse of the team and some of the team parents at the games.  We might even get some interesting pictures of the other Team Helpers, like Randy or Pam Klebs to name a few, hard at work.  It's hard to say what photos will grace our pages.

      Click on a thumb nail to view the picture in full size.  Once you have viewed a full size picture, use your back browser button to return to this page for more full size picture viewing.

     Note: Some picture file sizes are quite large, so it may take some time to download them,  Please Be Patient.

Starfish vs. Finches 9/23/2001

Jessica (7)
Great Throw In!!

Emily (6)
Is It Time Yet?

Colleen (13)
Holding That Line

Courtney (8)
Making A Run...

Amanda (3)
You Talkin To Me?

Kelly (14)
Let Me At Um!!!

Rachel (16)
Going This Way, Right?

Alyssa (9)
Back Off, Shortie!

Liz, Kelly & Brittney
The Three Amigos

Alyssa, Courtney & Kelly
Did You Find It?

The Coin Toss
Oops, I Dropped It

Starfish vs. Cheetahs 9/30/2001

Megan (12)
What's Going On

Coley (17)
Over Here Guys

Nicole (11)
I Like That

Brook (1)
Man! Are They Big

Kelly, Coley & Alyssa
Did We Score?

Kelly (14)
They Are Big!!!

Megan (12)
Somebody Get It

Rachel (16)
I'll Get It

Kayla (4)
Finally, Out Of The Goal

Just a reminder, if you take any good action shots of the girls, let me know.
I will post them on this Photo Page.
I can use all the help I can get, stop smiling Pam. .... :-)