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Team Schedule - 2001 Fall Season

"Go Starfish"

Game Details

For the Game Listing, the Home Team will be listed first. The way it is set up will be the Game Date, followed by the teams Playing, time of Game, and then the Field that the game is Played On.

As the games are played the listing will be updated with the game score, listing the score as the teams are listed for that game (i.e. Starfish vs China - 2-1). Oddly enough the Starfish won this game, imagine that!!!

The Starfish had a great 2001 Spring Season with a Final Record of
10 Wins 0 Loses.
They Finished in First Place. Way to go STARFISH.

Updated 10/20/2001.

September Games

9/9 - Starfish vs. Ladybugs, 6:00pm, Warden West ** Final Score 5-0

9/15 - Starfish vs. Finches, 11:00am, Dickenson Field ** Final Score 4-2

9/20 - Ladybugs vs. Starfish, 6:00pm, Red Run Park ** Final Score 1-7

9/22 - Cheetahs vs. Starfish, 10:00am, Warden West ** Final Score 3-4

9/23 - Finches vs. Starfish, 4:00pm, Dickenson Field ** Final Score 0-6

The Ladybugs and Cheetahs switched opponents for today 9/30/2001
therefore the Starfish and Cheetahs played each other.

9/30 - Cheetahs vs. Starfish, 4:00pm, Red Run Park ** Final Score 3-2

"Starfish Rule"

October Games

Saturdays Game 10/06/2001 Postponed Due to Weather.
Rescheduled for Thursday 10/18/2001 same Field - Under the Lights 6:30pm.

10/06 - Starfish vs. Cheetahs, 3:00pm, Warden West ** Final Score 0-0

10/13 - Starfish vs. Ladybugs, 1:00pm, Warden West ** Final Score 4-1

10/14 - Starfish vs. Finches, 12:30pm, Dickenson Field ** Final Score 4-2

10/18 - Starfish vs. Cheetahs, 6:30pm, Warden West ** Final Score 3-0

10/20 - Cheetahs vs. Starfish, 9:00am, Dickenson Field ** Final Score 1-2

Field Locations

Dickenson Field is located on Springer Avenue. Springer Avenue is the first street North of 13 Mile Road and runs East off of Greenfield. Dickenson Field is also Amherst Park.

Red Run Park is located off of Girard Avenue. Girard Avenue runs East off of Rochester Road and South of 13 Mile Road. It is almost half way between 13 and 12 Mile Roads, being closer to 13 Mile Road.

Warden West is located off of Lexington Boulevard behind the John Lindel Ice Arena. Lexington Boulevard runs East off of Crooks Road just North of 13 Mile Road near the Royal Oak Kimball High School.


Bad News
Fall Outdoor Season is Over, Bummer Huh, NOT....LOL

Good News

The Starfish had a great 2001 Fall Season with a Final Record of
9 Wins 1 Loss
They Finished in  First Place . Way to go  STARFISH .