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The Teams Coach - Terry Fraga


      To the right is a picture of Coach Fraga doing what he does best, Thinking.  
      Coach Fraga, or Terry as some of us know him, has been coaching for the past 6 years,  ever since his daughter Jessica showed a desire to play soccer.   Yes, Jessica does play for the Starfish, typically as a Defensemen and sometimes as the Back-Up Goalie,  I said sometimes.   Terry request that all the team play the position of Goalie for one half of a game,  just to see what it feels like to be under pressure.
     Terry also has a younger daughter, Katie, that plays soccer for R.O.Y.S.A.,  and he also helps coach that team too.
     Terry other hat is the Equipment Manager for R.O.Y.S.A., where does he find the time????



The Team Roster

      There are 17 girls on team Starfish. They are listed in numerical order using their team numbers,  this way, if you come to a game, you will know who they are by their numbers.

Presenting: Team Starfish

      Brook (1) -- Brittany (2) -- Amanda (3) -- Kayla (4) -- Jenica (5) -- Emily (6)

      Jessica (7) -- Courtney (8) -- Alyssa (9) -- Elizabeth (10) -- Nicole (11) -- Megan (12)

      Colleen (13) -- Kelly (14) -- Jamie (15) -- Rachel (16) -- Nichole (17)



The Teams Trainer - Andi


      The girls on Team Starfish are very fortunate to have a personal trainer.   Their trainer comes to them from Kimball High Schools Varsity Soccer Team, and her name is Andi.   They train with Andi once a week and seem to throughly enjoyed her professional abilities.  Coach Fraga has nothing but good things to say about Andi, not to metion that it gives him a break during practices.    Besides giving Coach Fraga a break,  it gives him a chance to really pick up on a strength or weakness that some player may have,  looking form the outside in, so to speak.   In the picture to the right, Andi wraps a players ankle before a game, giving them that little extra edge.  



Line-Ups - Randy

Position, What Position

      I am not really sure what Randy is looking at, but you can bet he is getting ready for a line change.   Randy is the Official Line-Up person and one thing that you will always hear Randy calling out is,  which position each player is going into the game for.   As you can imagine, Randy has a difficult task to perform, not to mention dealing with the little darlings on the field.    Sometimes, when a player doesn't want a certain position, Randy hears about it, but he does hold his ground, so to speak.    Not a Job for the Weak or Faint of Heart.  But, he does know each girls strengths and weaknesses on the field and that is what a Good Line-Up person is for.



Scorekeeper - Pam

Our Fearless Score Keeper

      So you are at a game and you see this person with their head seemingly always down scribbling in some book.    Who are they and what the heck are they doing.  That person is Pam, the teams unoffical score keeper.    Pam will be at every game when Team Starfish is the Home Team.  She keeps the offical score sheet for the team.    Pam was also responsible for the girls warm-up jackets and bags, that little finishing touch for the team.  

      I guess you could say that Pam is the teams unoffical treasurer, bookeeper and all around SOCCER MOM.